SmartWeight® Wheel Balancers
Intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features.

Hunter's wheel balancers feature patented SmartWeight® technology, built to improve balance, minimize weight usage and maximize productivity.

Features at-a-glance

SmartWeight® technology
On-demand videos
Easy-to-use interface

Specifications at-a-glance

Up to 20 in.
Max Width
Up to 30 in.
Max Rim Diameter
Up to 38 in.
Max Tire Diameter
Up to 135 lbs
Maximum Tire WeightWeightr paragraph here.

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Hunter Auto34S Tire Changer


Easily and safely change the world’s toughest tires and wheels. The Auto34S is the most advanced leverless tire changer in its class, with a simple three-button control, memory function and diameter control, the Auto34S saves time and takes the strain out of mounting and dis-mounting difficult wheel and tire assemblies.

Including a large 34” rim capacity to service over-sized, low-profile and run-flat wheels safely and easily. Also, the Auto34S has automated functions together with a powerful, high-torque motor. Hunter’s Auto34 Tire Changer Service brochure offers literature illustrating the features and benefits of the tire changing system:ur paragraph here.

TCX57 Tire Changer at a glance:

Bead Press System and Tremendous power and control and Aids mounting and demounting and Auto-centering simplifies operation.

​Swing-arm column and Saves space over tilt-column designs and Locks rim diameter and width measurements for same-sized wheels.

​Tabletop clamp and 4–26 in. clamping range (6–30 in. with standard adaptors) and Measurement marks ease clamping and Twin-cylinder actuators exert more clamping force than single-cylinder designs.

​Motor and drive and Powerful 220V high-torque motor and Two-speed forward drive.

Leverless tool head and Lifts bead without use of levers and Relieves bead stress and Traditional head option.

PowerOut™ bead loosener and Fingertip or foot pedal control makes large assembly service easy % Most powerful in the industry